We’re doing things differently

HIGH QUALITY life insurance

YOU choose how much you pay each month

Start saving today with fantastic REWARDS

You can SAVE more than you pay


 We have changed the way life insurance works. You choose how much you want to pay per month (minimum £8) for the amount of cover you want.

In addition you get a rewards package that can save you more than you pay.

Reasons to choose Primas Life...

It’s Quick and Easy

Get an instant quote and immediate cover in less than 15 minutes. No kidding!

Super Rewards

Access to over 500 everday rewards which can save you over £1,000 a year!

Quality Life Insurance

Our life insurance is underwritten by a leading UK insurance provider.

It’s Affordable

You pick your budget and cover amount. Giving you a flexible option to suit your finances.

Start saving today with fantastic rewards

We all love a perk...

*Some rewards may not be available during the COVID-19 Lockdown, but many still are available allowing you to continue saving.


Thousands of rewards you can actually use!

Easy to Access

Our online portal or app can be used to access your rewards.

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Weekly shop

Use Primas Life Rewards to save up to 7% on your weekly shop at major supermarkets.

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Online Shopping

Use Primas Life Rewards to get a discount on Online Shopping.

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Life Insurance. You know you should have it,
but you don’t see any current benefit from having it.

Primas Life have changed things…

We provide high quality life insurance, 

that rewards you right here, right now.