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Early career scientists (ECS) and students attending the conference and presenting posters are eligible to be considered for outstanding poster awards. A distinguished committee of scientists will review and identify outstanding posters given by students and early career scientists. Awards will be presented to the best posters during the closing session of the conference on 14 July.

Contest general guidelines:

  • The first author of a poster should be registered as a student or ECS (if in doubt, check your registration) and be the one presenting the poster.
  • The presenter has to indicate that s/he wishes to participate in the competition by attaching a card marked student or ECS to the top of  her/his poster; these cards will be available in the poster session rooms.
  • The presenter must be next to her/his poster during the first hour of the poster session.
  • The poster must be formatted according to the poster guidelines.
  • The presentation by the student or ECS must be original and based on recent research results.
  • The outstanding award certificate will be awarded to the poster presenter during the closing session of the conference.

Contest criteria:

The posters will be reviewed based on the following criteria:

  • Scientific merit, including objectives, background, and conclusions
  • Originality and creativity of approach
  • Layout and clarity of the poster
  • Oral presentation of the poster and responses to questions

Score sheets with comments will be emailed to participants following the conference.