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1. Paleo sea-level data and GIA modelling

The session examines long-term sea-level variations and their implications for past climate change. Results emerging from paleo observations and models will be discussed. This includes paleo sea-level reconstructions, and recent improvements of glacial isostatic adjustment (GIA) models and their applications including data uncertainty.

2. Millennial-scale ice sheet and sea-level interactions

The session will promote an integral approach to paleo-time scale sea-level change with a specific focus on millennial-scale ice sheet modelling and the coupling between ice dynamics, sea level changes and the solid Earth. Traditionally millennial-scale ice sheet and sea level changes have been studied independent from each other, using one as an input to the other. Here the dynamic feedback between ice dynamics, sea-level and solid Earth will be the focus

3. Contemporary contributions from ice sheets and glaciers

The session discusses ice sheets and glaciers, and their contribution to contemporary sea-level change over the last 50 years. Topics covered are mass balance driven changes, atmospheric and ocean driven changes, but also dynamically driven changes of the cryospheric and the interaction between mass balance and dynamics. Results from modelling and observational studies will be presented.

4. Contemporary sea-level change

This session focuses on ongoing sea-level variability on timescales of months to centuries, at the local, regional and global levels. Topics of interest include mass and steric budgets and respective uncertainties, differences between coastal and large-scale variability, effects of climate modes and internal variability in general, and attribution of regional change to natural and anthropogenic radiative forcing agents. Model and data analyses addressing causal mechanisms of regional sea-level variability will be considered.

5. Coastal zone

Sea-level science requirements of coastal management and planning will be discussed. The session considers multiple perspectives including mean sea level changes, including subsidence (a non-climate component of relative sea-level rise), extreme sea levels and waves, and how they are applied to impact and adaptation assessments and wider management. Future needs and opportunities will be a particular focus, including an expert panel.

6. Projections

Projections of sea-level change and its individual components will be presented such as from ocean density and circulation change and land ice and changes in terrestrial water storage. Time scales covered range from decadal to millennial time scales, including studies of the sea-level commitment to long-terms. The session addresses projections of global and regional sea-level change, but will also address changes in the distribution of sea-level extremes.